Special Thanks

Formal sponsorship has been seriously considered, but so far Jamma Jeanne’s entry in the 2018 Golden Globe is purely Corinthian, and we’ll attempt to continue that way.  But this doesn’t mean we can do it alone, and numerous people are lending support in various ways.  I’d like to mention a few.

Ed Somers

Woodworker and ship builder living in Maine – contributing to critical aspects of refit design, including a jury-rig sail system and water tight bulkhead.

59 North

Andy Schell and Mia Karlsson recently sponsored my participation in their excellent two-day Celestial Navigation course in Annapolis.  Thanks to 59 North I will now be able to make my way around the globe, knowing where we are all the time using a sextant, sun, and stars.

Kai Huber

Kai has spent many hours shooting and editing the two videos produced so far.  There is more to do and even while deployed overseas he is finding time to produce the third video.

Chuck O’Malley and Chesapeake Sailmakers

In addition to being the provider of Elvstrom Sails and the roller furlers for Jamma Jeanne, Chuck is full of great advice and his personal energy has helped to move the project forward.

Jeanne Huber (the real Jamma Jeanne)

Contributed funds needed to purchase a new engine for Jamma Jeanne!  The Beta 38 is still sitting in a shed at the marina.

If anyone knows a good mechanic in the Pasadena, Maryland, area, send them my way!  I need a little help getting her installed.

The Northwest PassSage I-Group/MKP

A small but extraordinary group of men I’ve known for well over a decade who have come together and contributed time, talent, and other resources in finally getting my house on the market.